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Keeping Your Water Flowing in Lake of Bays and Huntsville

Has the tap water stopped flowing at your cottage? Maybe you're noticing an unusual flavour or smell in your drinking water. At ADF Plumbing in Dorset we can ensure that the water is flowing and safe at cottages, businesses and houses throughout the Muskoka area.


We offer commercial and intuitional plumbing service work and can provide new plumbing design and installation for new builds large or small. For cottages especially, we look after all your plumbing repairs and offer opening and closing of cottage plumbing systems.


Water Filtration

We can also install water softeners, ultraviolet or reverse osmosis water purification systems or iron filters to keep your drinking water fresh and crystal clear. Systems are available to remove contaminants such as:

  • Iron

  • Hardness

  • Low pH

  • Tannins

  • Other water impurities


ADF Plumbing can provide water and sanitation services to practically anywhere in the Lake of Bays area. We offer remote access work by boat, tracked ATV and 4-wheel drive trucks.


Contact ADF Plumbing for more information about our complete plumbing services. Our licensed plumbers can also repair broken pumps, replace damaged pipes and use video inspections to clear clogs. Please feel free to fill out our eform for a service request.


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We specialize in repairing current water and sewage pump systems


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